Team 2018

Our team consists of a diverse group of Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business Administration students from various Bachelor and Master studies.

To guarantee high quality, highly ambitious and motivated students were strictly selected. In cooperation with Bain & Company we accomplished to form a diverse team of 20 top students. Study performance, the ability to work in a team, organizational skills and motivation were the selection criteria. The students who succeeded this intensive application phase form the multidisciplinary IRP team of 2018, consisting of senior bachelor and master students with various backgrounds.

The team of 2018 consist of students of the following studies:

  • MSc. Finance & Investments
  • MSc. Financial Economics
  • MSc. Quantitative Finance
  • MSc. Quantitative Marketing
  • MSc. Accounting, Auditing & Control
  • MSc. Supply Chain Management
  • MSc. Quantitative Logistics & Financial
  • MSc. Marketing Management
  • MSc. Strategic Management
  • BSc. Political Science
  • BSc. International Economics and Business
    economics, Business Administration & Law

If you would like to receive more info about our team, please contact our HR officer Josanne Barendse. or +31 (0)6 31774570