Project information

In close collaboration with your company a team of five students will be selected, based on their interests, studies and capabilities. Together we will determine the scope of the project and the corresponding research topics. Subsequently, a research proposal will be provided in which your specific requests and demands are included.

Desk Research

The project starts with a desk research phase of four months, consisting of two major parts. In the first two months the team gathers insights in the local economy, politics and cultures of Vietnam. The successive two months are completely focused on research, specified in your area of interest. There is a possibility to execute the desk research at your office.

Field Research

In July the teams will travel to Vietnam and carry out their field research in two weeks. The team collaborates by using their theoretical skills and knowledge acquired during the workshops and their previous experiences, to gather all the information needed for a successful strategic advice.


After the research is completed the students will finish the project by providing a detailed report. The report is the definitive presentation of the results. This professional report will be presented and offered to your company.