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International Research Project 2024

Experienced In Research

Every year, the IRP offers tailor-made research to companies and organisations that are interested in getting valuable insights for their business in an international market. The IRP has 24 years of experience in performing research projects all over the world. We employ a cost-efficient method to deliver thorough research results.

Highly Skilled Students

To guarantee high quality, highly ambitious, dutch speaking and motivated students will be strictly selected. In cooperation with Bain & Company we accomplish to form a diverse team of 20 top students. Study performance, the ability to work in a team, organisational skills and motivation are the selection criteria.


Whether you want to expand internationally or you want to enter a new market locally, we help you to bring your business to the next level. We are determined to provide a valuable report, which gives you results ready to implement.




The participants of the IRP are willing to work hard with an eye for detail and they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones. The adaptability and flexibility of the students leads to excellent results year after year. They are able to work effectively and professionally with third parties, making them a great value for your company.

As a participant in the International Research Project 2017 I highly recommend the 20 excellent students who are part of the research team to involve them in a relevant organizational question that your company is facing. Not only will this team of motivated researchers analyze and solve the problem that you have, but will do that from an objective and scientific point of view. This research project combines in an optimal way the independent analysis of company issues and translates this directly into a practical advice. Both desk and field research lead to a contribution of realizing your organizational goals.

First the team came to our office in the Netherlands for a few days to properly define the research-question and gathering the first data. Thereafter, they spent two weeks in Brazil – one week at our sales office and one week traveling around Brazil to visit several customers. During the whole project their attitude was very professional and gentle, like real consultants! Their final report and presentation was impressive and of very good quality. Their statements were based on the interviews, data, or other observations they did. That resulted in good discussions and further investigation of certain statements. Furthermore they used some methods of analysis which we can apply to other sales offices as well. We would recommend this project team, it was nice to work with smart and curious students and they delivered a good result!

Since the first contact with IRP people we felt that we would have the right resources to help us building a detailed analysis on the sectors we were willing to explore as a new opportunity for Rabobank in Brazil. The students were highly motivated, working with dedication in exploring different sources of information with analytical mindset to select those type of information that were critical to develop a business plan. The result could not have been better, and thanks for their meaningful research analysis we were able to pursue a more structured approach towards some selected new industry sectors.

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