International research project

The International Research Project (IRP) is a project of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. Every year, the IRP offers tailor-made research to companies and organizations that are interested in getting valuable insights for their business in an international market. The IRP has 24 years of experience in performing research projects all over the world. The students have always delivered useful strategic advice to complex business challenges. Last year, the focus point of our research was Southeast Asia.  Here, we provided companies with pieces of advice to bring their businesses to the next level. The interpretation and execution of research were therefore very flexible and totally dependent on the company’s needs. We have interviewed professionals who are active in a specific market to gain expert knowledge.

This year’s focus will be on South America. We are currently looking for companies that are searching to explore their opportunities locally or globally. The research can entail solutions for recent impediments or focus on longer-term complexities.

The research will be conducted by a carefully selected group of 20 students, consisting of  master students at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR). The strict selection of students will be guided by the strategy consultancy firm Bain & Company to guarantee that a team of top students with various backgrounds will be formed. This diverse team will be challenged to tackle a wide range of complex problems. They are focused on the provision of realistic, refreshing, and valuable solutions to your organization. Furthermore, the project is supervised by strategy consultants offering several lectures, workshops, and training days for the participating students. This way the students are optimally prepared to provide the best strategic advice to your company.