Consulting Partners

To achieve the best possible result for your project, the participants of the International Research Project work closely with a number of leading consultancy firms. Our consulting partners will provide several workshops and training days for the participants of the IRP, along with supervising the project and offering professional assistance.

EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and main partner of the IRP. By offering workshops and trainings with regard to high-performance teams, EY will make sure that the different teams within the IRP are highly focused on their goals and will achieve superior results. In addition, EY and Kenneth Smit offer a sales training, so that the participants develop different skills that could be important for the research project.


Bain & Company is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms helping companies transform into vigorous, agile organizations and is the selection partner of the International Research Project. In cooperation with Bain & Company we accomplished to form a diverse team of 20 top students. Study performance, the ability to work in a team, organizational skills and motivation are, among other things, important selection criteria.

Bain & Company

Roland Berger operates as a generalist strategy consultancy and advises clients on management issues ranging from strategy development to performance improvement. Roland Berger offers, as a partner of the International Research Project, consultancy trainings to the participants. Because these trainings are offered by consultants, the skills learned can directly be translated to the consultancy project.

Roland Berger

EY-Parthenon is part of EY and provides strategy consulting services worldwide. As a partner of the International Research Project, EY-Parthenon offers an in-house day at their office in Rotterdam during which a number of strategy consultants will think along with the students and provide them with new insights for the desk research of the International Research Project.


Boston Consulting Group is a management consulting firm which advises clients in management decisions across private, public and non-profit sectors around the world. Boston Consulting Group will provide professional assistance during the project by delivering a number of consultants who supervise the consultancy project and help with the desk research, field research and final report.

Boston Consulting Group

Rembrandt F&O is one of the largest independent firms in the Netherlands in the field of mergers and acquisitions. As part of Rabobank, the core business of Rembrandt F&O is advising and supervising the purchase and sale of non-listed companies. Rembrandt F&O will offer workshops in the field of mergers and acquisitions. These workshops could be very relevant if your company is thinking about expanding to Colombia.

Rembrandt F&O

Accenture is a global management consulting firm that provides strategy, digital, technology and operations services. Accenture offers the participants various training courses by their consultants. During these trainings, Accenture will focus, among other things, on technology solutions, implementation, delivery and research and development, as well as digital marketing, analytics and mobility services.


Kenneth Smit provides training for valuable employees to help achieve business goals. Kenneth Smit supervises changes in organisations, both at individual and group level, thereby creating success for all parties. As a partner of the IRP, Kenneth Smit offers the participants communication-trainings in order to improve interaction and atmosphere between the teammembers and to increase the quality of their ideas.

Kenneth Smit

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