We are currently recruiting for the Team of 2020. The team will consist of a diverse group of Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business Administration students from various Bachelor and Master studies.

Last year’s represented studies were:

  • MSc. Finance & Investments
  • MSc. Financial Economics
  • MSc. Quantitative Finance
  • MSc. Quantitative Marketing
  • MSc. Accounting, Auditing & Control
  • MSc. Supply Chain Management
  • MSc. Quantitative Logistics & Financial Economics
  • MSc. Marketing Management
  • MSc. Strategic Management
  • BSc. Political Science
  • BSc. International Economics and Business economics, Business Administration & Law

People with another academic background than the studies stated above are also welcome to apply. If you would like to apply for the International Research Project 2020, please contact our HR officer Alies Nijhuis via*

*We only recruit dutch speaking students.

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